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        • 如何選擇一款珠寶展柜臺
        • 本站編輯:杭州品億商業展示有限公司發布日期:2020.01.28
        At present, the jewelry counter is about 1 meter high. The upper part displays the glass part of jewelry. The display space is 22 cm or 25 cm high according to the customer's demand. The glass from the bottom of the cabinet to the glass is about 75-78 cm. The glass for jewelry display is generally 10 Li thick in the plane and 8 cm in the facade. The cabinet is equipped with LED lights. The color temperature of LED lights should be selected according to the type of jewelry sold Generally speaking, gold jewelry adopts 3500K color temperature, jade, agate, pearl, amber, etc. can choose 5500-6000k color temperature, diamond can choose 7000-10000k color temperature. The LED light frame is usually made of aluminum profile, and the high-end counter can be made of stainless steel frame. The interior surface of the counter is usually made of leather and suede. Stainless steel is the most widely used material in the stainless steel jewelry exhibition cabinet, including 201 and 304 brushed stainless steel, with various structural changes, which can have the effect of drawing or mirror. The color can be divided into rose gold, champagne gold, titanium gold, bronze series, black titanium and so on. The wood jewelry exhibition cabinet is mainly made of wood, such as density board, big core board, plywood, etc. the surface decoration options are very rich, which can be directly painted, or pasted with decorative panels, painted glass, marble, stainless steel or leather, etc. there are also many choices in color. The basic materials are made up of ultra white glass, locks, leather, LED lamps, etc. their common purpose is to display all kinds of jewelry and other products, improve the overall image of the store or increase brand recognition. Counter size is based on the layout and actual demand of the store. Stainless steel jewelry display cabinet is the most popular style at present due to the material characteristics and the precision requirements of the process. It can be said that it is the representative of the high-end jewelry display cabinet at present. Of course, wood jewelry display cabinet has advantages in cost, which is suitable for many jewelry merchants with limited budget in the customization of jewelry display cabinet.